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Freedom of speech is the liberty granted to individuals to express themselves freely without any censorship. However, the very rights are subjected to certain limitations such as slander, libel, incitement, obscenity and an intention to commit crime. The discussion on Phoenix pastor who is wishing that President Obama would be dead provides a concise example on the practicality of religious

Introduction United National Environment Programme (UNEP) is an international environmental organization under the umbrella of the United Nations (UN). New York harbors the headquarters of the UN while Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna have regional offices and this explains why the location of UNEP offices is in Gigiri, Nairobi Kenya. Established more than four decades ago, the main purpose of the

Introduction The terminology ethnocentrism refers to the tendency of people believing that their race, cultural or ethnic groups are better than all the others. Such individuals measure and judge all the other cultural or ethnic groups in relation to theirs. These judgments are made in relation to aspects like religion, race, behavior, custom and language. The cultural identity of any

In the story cathedral by Raymond Carver, the author who is also the persona introduces a blind man who is an old friend of his wife (Schneider par 1). He revealed how the old man met his wife some years back. Being the persona in the story, he unfolds how the blind man met his lovely wife and how she

Introduction Popular culture encapsulates the society’s wholesome activities. Popular culture is the expression of a society’s common beliefs, practices, rituals and ideas through various expressions and materials identifiable with a given society (Browne, 2005, p.3). The cell phone is one of the most prevalent communication devices across the globe today. Nearly all teens and adults in America own at least

Kudler Fine Food was established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler whose vision was to create a store with all the necessary products for a gourmet cook. The vision and mission of the organization is to support customers with the freshest ingredients for reasonable prices gathered from different parts of the world for passionate gourmet cooking. Kudler Fine Food is located

Introduction As the world moves towards prosperity through advancement in science and technology, a reliable and cheap source of energy remains a concern to most governments. This is because energy forms an integral part of the production process that leads to economic, social and political prosperity of a nation. With increasing competition for the scare energy resources around the world,

Introduction Sociology can be defined as the organized study of social behavior and human groups or simply the study of society. It is a very important field in our day to day lives. This is because it provides individuals with an informative perspective of what is around them through the relation of individual experiences with the expectations of the society

Globalization has resulted in the relentless upsurge of global trade. The process is a culmination of initiation of novel markets thus allowing importation and exportation to augment. It has equally permitted entities to create centres in other countries. Evidently, corporations are the key supporters and recipients of such a move since they gain entree into untapped markets. Indeed, the past

Introduction Through globalization, many countries have embraced free-market trading in their economies. In free trade, the government permits traders to conduct business freely without regulations or imposed taxes. Traders mutually agree with buyers on the best price to transact. However, free trade is a bit flawed, and critics argue that it is only theoretically faultless (Friedman, 2003). Therefore, this document


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