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The Lizzie Borden case is an intriguing story that captures the mind of any reader. Lizzie Andrew Borden was accused of hacking to death both her father and stepmother in 1927 (Rehak, 2005). These horrific murders, the trial that subsequently followed and the landmark decision by the trial court to acquit the accused made the case very famous. This fame

The main product offered by Columbus Technical College is the various courses that students enroll in trying to develop their careers. As a student, one stands to benefit enormously by enrolling at Columbus Technical College, in comparison to other colleges in the state. The college charges modest fees and the education one gets is a value for money. Columbus Technical

Introduction The chapter deals with the concept of reasoning as used in daily situations. This chapter develops on the first chapter that introduced the linkage between a claim and evidence in proposing an argument. This chapter seeks to explore the various forms of reasoning that commonly used in daily discussions. To achieve a conclusive argument capable of winning against all

Shocking stories of trafficked children forced into slavery is often cited in newspapers. Children are trafficked for sexual exploitation, slavery, etc. Children from poor families from Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. are lured with dreams of migrating to Europe or America and gaining a better life. But instead, they are caught in the web of servitude. Trafficking in children is a

Introduction Born on October in the year 1955 Chris Berman became a famous sport-caster in America and perhaps that could be the reason they decided to nickname him ‘Boomer’. How Mr. Berman choose his career in the line of TV production is still not clear considering the fact that he had studied and graduated with a degree in history from

Introduction “I consider myself a moderate Republican. I have very, very moderate social views, and I am pretty strong on, on defense matters” (BookRags Media Network, 2011, p. 23). This was Powell’s assertion of his life as a leader. Powell has been admired and loathed by many, perhaps because of his involvement in the American-Iraq conflict or his ability to

Introduction Urbanization is a process where people move from rural areas to urban areas to seek for higher standards of living. People living in rural areas are faced with unpredictable weather conditions which affect their livelihood; therefore, these people move to cities to seek for a better life. Contrary to rural areas, cities give these people opportunities to live a

Introduction The impact of peaceful demonstrations against repressive authorities has proved that the democratic tool is significant tool that can be used to change the society in favor of majority rule. The mainstream South Africans employed this tool after being forced to bear the brunt of four-decade repression under the apartheid government. Strategic acts of peaceful civil disobedience saved several

Discussion We are in the center of culture clash where two different opinions of women compete. Both sides agitate for equal rights, opportunity, education, and protection under legislative frameworks. One side of the divide consists of radical feminism gay and lesbian supporters. Others advocate for sexual liberation. These categories of feminists are united in the belief of existence of many

1. Statement of the problem From the case study, it is clear that the BMI executive team have challenges as a problem solving group. There are many instances where the entire team displays ineffectiveness in solving the problem at hand which is to make a decision on whether to relocate the business to a newly refurbished downtown building or some


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