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Introduction Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) is a well renowned, brand name. When the Chief Executive officer is the “brand”, it can be difficult to separate their personality from the identity of the company they represent. The values of the company are bigger than those of the founder, this is evident from the continued success in fortune, especially after its

Abstract Slaves were captured from Africa, mistreated tortured and abused from the 16th century to early 19th century. This paper reviews the general hardships that a slave went through in the hands of their white masters. The poor living conditions and denial of basic needs. It also features how the law and the constitution of that time never protected slaves.

The federal government of the United States is headed by the executive comprising of various components. The executive is under the powers of the president who heads the state and is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. The president has powers to implement and enforce laws which have been constituted by the congress. He appoints individuals to

Abstract The paper discusses the conflicting or unusual principles that have influenced the organization under consideration and the evaluation of the organization’s financial statements within the last 2 financial years. The presented research also analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each department of Bellway, on of the UK leading companies specializing in land acquisition, finance, architecture, build management, planning, marketing,

Overview This is a novel on two sisters and their love lives. Blanche, a school teacher from Laurel, Mississippi arrives to stay with her sister, Stella in New Orleans who is married to Stanley. She has lost her family fortune and estate due to a mortgage foreclosure. She is highly critical and snobbish when she regards the cramped up apartment

In any organization, ensuring workers live in harmony with one another is necessary to create an atmosphere of meeting company goals. Therefore, any occasional breakups of differences between employees must be stopped at the earliest moment possible. This essay will tackle the impact of a third party in averting a conflict transforming to a grave situation (Doherty & Guyler, 2008).

Furphy explains that many businesses have a problem in finding the right employees for their businesses and keeping the employees motivated to perform their work. It is common knowledge that unless employees are motivated they will not be able to perform to the expectations of the employer. Trampoline Gelato chain wanted to establish a new brand into the market and

Socialization is a fundamental process through which a family acquires cultural and personal identity. Each person undergoes natural, planned, negative, or positive socialization in his or her life, regardless of gender or age. A family is one of the agencies that introduce a child to aspects like culture, physical, and psychological identities or behaviours and environment, which are some of

Introduction Leadership, as a concept, varies in many different situations and circumstances. As old as life itself, leadership is required in many aspects of human existence. The emergence of different civilizations, and the resultant organized societies and governments brought forth with them an urgent need to examine the concept of leadership. Leadership was required in homes, in various communal groupings,

Culture is the entireness of socially imparted behavioral practices from one generation to the other. Culturally transferred patterns, from one generation to the other, play a vital role in the society, and determine the future prospects of that society (Angelo, 1994, p.10). The Indigenous culture in Australia has been systematically broken down since white settlement. In the Aboriginal culture and


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